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Hair Tips For Looking Beautiful On Your Wedding Day

Looking beautiful on your wedding day is so important, we put together our top hair tips.

We recommend that it is often best to have a consultation or a hair trial before deciding your full image and before purchasing your accessories (veil, headdress, and jewellery). Many brides get swept into trying everything on impulse and often end up wasting money by not using all the products purchased.

Once you have chosen your dress and bought or reserved it, make sure you have a photo of the gown, preferably with you in it, to keep with you when you have your rehearsal trial with your stylist.

Make sure you have images of your bridesmaids’ dresses for when they have their rehearsal trial with their stylist.

Meet with your stylist as soon as possible to make sure the whole look/theme you wish to achieve will work for you. Make sure you discuss with your stylist which hair accessories will suit best for everyone concerned and if a veil is required to complement the look.

It’s in your interest to insist any members of your wedding party who may worry about their hair, to have a trial with you, to reduce any stress on the day.

Don’t leave it too late to have a hair trial. Six weeks is the latest to book an appointment for you and your wedding party to have a full rehearsal trial with your stylist. This helps everyone to become familiar with their hair design, to discuss any changes which may have to be made. This gives you peace of mind to you, the bride, knowing all concerned will be happy on the wedding day.  Here are some more of our hair tips for your big day.

Wedding Day Hair Tips

  • We strongly advise not to shampoo, deep condition or straighten hair on the day of the wedding. One to two days before is sufficient. This applies only to those who are having their hair dressed and put up. Please do not straighten the air after the final hair wash.
  • Make sure on the morning of the wedding, you or any member of your party having their hair put up or dressed wears a button or zipped through top. This is to ensure NO item of clothing has to be pulled over the head once the hair has been created.
  • Your makeup is best applied before the final part of your hair styling. Makeup can be touched up once the full look has been completed.
  • If you plan to have pre-ceremony photos, make sure your stylist is aware. You will need to allow for this time and this is usually an extra thirty to forty-five minutes prior to being at the church or venue.
  • If your wedding dress has buttons, we strongly advise investing in a crochet hook. This enables you to have your dress done up without stress or anyone breaking a nail. And, it’s so much easier to get out of at the end of the day, too!

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