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Does Your Hairstyle Complement Your Gorgeous Wedding Gown?

The neckline of your dress is one of the focal features. Whether it’s strapless, one-shoulder or sweetheart or high to the neck, the top of your gown is a key shape to keep in mind when it comes to choosing your hairstyle for your wedding day. For example, if the bride is wearing a strapless dress, an updo may look too bare unless there is another focal point at the neck such as a special necklace.

Do Your highlights shine?

When highlighted hair is pinned into an updo, your darker hair is revealed beneath.  Consider breaking up this darker color by having extra highlights applied to the under layers of your hair for your wedding day if you plan to go with an upswept style.

Don’t Overdo Special Features

If you are picking a style with tendrils, don’t overdo them.  A few tastefully placed, delicate tendrils are better than a mass that takes away from your facial features.

Why A Hair Trial Is A Great Idea

Your wedding is going to take up several hours of the day, so a hair trial gives you the opportunity to see how the hair will look after four or five hours.  If the style is beautiful but is giving you a headache after an hour, then some adjustments will be required. Give your stylist feedback as she is working on your hair as only you know how it feels on your head.  You want to enjoy your day, so a comfortable hairstyle is very important.

Contemporary Hairstyles

To check out the latest wedding hairstyles, here is a link to the gallery page of our latest work.

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