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The Finer Points To Consider When Choosing A Hairstyle

Any respectable stylist will want you to look fabulous from your hair to your high heels. So when choosing a hairstyle for your wedding there are some key facts to consider.


Primarily try not to only be swayed by what is the current trend and fashion – try and decide on a style that you are comfortable with and complements the style of your dress. Always think of your images, they are your hard copy of your memories. You will look at for years to come and a good stylist will want you to look back without regret.

Ensure your choice of style is something you and your groom will recognise you as you approach him walking down the aisle.


Every bride wishes for a sunny day, however, think about the practical side of your hairstyle. Is your chosen venue renowned for being a breezy location or is it a real sun trap? If your day is taking place near water remember there will always be a breeze despite how hot or cold it may be.  Images are taken throughout the day and you will want to have a hair style that will stay in place, for your evening guests to experience your full desired look, as fresh as you were when you walked up the aisle some hours before.

Your dress is the big deal for the day and so should your beauty be, so we suggest you book both a hair stylist & a separate makeup artist and when trying on dresses ensure you place your hair (if long) in different positions – ie in a ponytail high and low ponytail  and on one side etc….. this way you will see your silhouette at times change quite considerably, but fundamentally you will know what shaping you like and what looks complementary to your full outfit before trailing through endless ideas on search engines.  If you would like to talk to us about styles, contact us here.

There are really no hard and fast rules to what you have for your wedding day – so be comfortable and stay beautiful.

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